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Institutions in Transition: Newport Jazz Festival

George Wein produced his first Newport Jazz Festival in 1954 at age 28. Today, as part of the non-profit Newport Festivals Foundation, the jazz festival continues in stride alongside its folk counterpart, under the leadership of Jay Sweet and Artistic Director Christian McBride. George has said his motivation in his ninth decade of life is to see the festivals flourish beyond him. In this conversation, he’ll share the stage with Jay and Christian to discuss leadership transitions, succession planning, and how the brand he established 65 years ago not only endures, but flourishes. 

Strategic Partnership in Practice: Jazz Night in America
What does an effective strategic partnership look like? How is it created and what does it take to maintain it? What value does each individual partner see in such a relationship and what can the jazz community learn from this unique partnership between NPR Music, WBGO, and Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Jazz, Swing, Race and Culture
Considering swing as a rhythm or swing as a feeling or a verb, what are the social, cultural, and racial factors that affect individuals’ perception, acceptance or rejection of the concept? Player and thinkers ponder what swing means in 2019.

Jazz Between the Coasts
Presenters in secondary U.S. markets discuss the challenges and rewards of audience development and programming.

Women Big Band Leaders Roundtable: Presented by The National Endowment for the Arts
NEA Jazz Masters and other leading musicians discuss the challenges and opportunities of running, and composing for, large ensembles.

Jazz in Troubled Times
How does jazz speak to the tumult of today? Can a song change a mind? Is improvisation a political act? A frank discussion about what musicians can communicate in the face of social and political unrest, and how these times affect the course and context of our culture.

What’s that Sound? An Audio Recording Masterclass
You’ve decided to record your latest album yourself. What are the equipment, tools and skills that you need to make it work? Experienced recording engineers share some of their tricks of the trade.

Workshop: Making Engaging Videos
Thanks in part to social media and mobile technology, video has become one of the most important media platforms for artists at every level. This workshop explains how to cost-effectively make compelling videos that will move the needle.

Your Five Digital Priorities: A Marketing Masterclass
Having a presence digitally means more than just having a website. Molly Garber of digital marketing firm Capacity Interactive, which counts Jazz at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and XX as clients, shares five core priorities and how you can tackle them successfully, even with limited time and money. 

Jazz Education Online
The rapid pace of technological innovation along with widespread adoption of social media and smartphones have dramatically changed how and where learning happens today. How are jazz educators taking advantage of these shifts? What are the benefits and challenges of student-teacher relationships mediated by screens? Leaders in online jazz education share their experiences.

Jazz Industry 101
Whether you are just starting your career, or are a veteran looking to take a deeper dive, this session will talk you through the major facets of the industry, from labels to festivals, agents to radio promoters and more.